Teens and Safe Driving

10 Apr

My brother was your typical 19 year old kid.  He thought he was the best driver, so confident in fact that he considered himself a talented texter-and-driver (although he’d always deny it to your face).  One evening he was heading home from a get together and ran a red light at a busy intersection while texting and t-boned two other cars.  Luckily the light must have just turned red because there were no pedistrians or other cars in the accident and everyone walked away unharmed (the cars where a whole other story).

There are a lot of reasons why teens are nerve-wrecking on the road.  My brother is a prime example of one of the most common reason–texting and driving.  One website stated that more than half of teens admitted to texting and driving.  Not only is texting and driving incredibly dangerous, but especially for teens who generally have relatively little driving experience and are more easily distracted.

The New York Times did a story about using in-car cameras to help teens be more responsible for their driving.  The article state that “If the driver gets into a wreck, or suddenly swerves, stops or accelerates, a video clip is sent wirelessly to a Web site where parents can watch it. The footage is only saved when the driver has a ‘safety event.'”  This helps teens assume responsibility because there is little room for rationalizing and they are forced to see things the way they really are.



  • Do you think in-car cameras could help reduce unsafe driving practices?   Why are why not?
  • What do you think can be done to increase safe driving practices among teens?
  • Do you think there should be more laws in regards to texting and driving (or any other unsafe driving practice)?





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