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23 Mar

Last week we talked about Glee and sex education and I thought this week we would follow up with another popular show among teens, the MTV series Teen Mom.   If you have never seen the show before it mostly consists of following around teenage mothers and the struggles they deal with on a day-to-day basis.  The show is already in its second season and seems to be doing well, which is not surprising when you consider that teen pregnancy rates are up for the first time in 14 years, according to the CDC.  Not only are there more teen moms out there, but in general the public is curious and intrigued with this growing population.

A popular teen girl magazine Seventeen reported here that “67.5% of teen girls have had sex without a condom” and that an astonishing “60% have had a pregnancy scare.”  Of all the things that teens have to deal with, teen pregnancy should not be on that list.

For many parents, talking to their teens about sex is difficult, many feel that because their teens know their values, they do not have to talk about it with them.  That is false.  Teens need to know that they can talk to their parents about anything and it is important to share their values with their teens through open communication.  One article gave a few tips for parents on preventing teen pregnancy:

  • “Discourage early, steady dating
  • Talk with your teen early and often about sex, contraceptives,your morals and values
  • Make their future attractive by teaching your teen to dream
  • Use good old fashion rules and curfews”

While parents can do a lot to encourage their teen to practice healthy and safe sexual habits, in the end it is up to the teen to make the correct choices.

Some more good resources for parents of teens:

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  • What do you think is responsible for the rising rates of teen pregnancy?  A general acceptance of protected sex?  Lack of sex education in schools?  A growing trend of being a “teen mom”?  Lack of access to birth control? Media? Music??
  • What do you think about the tips for parents on preventing teen pregnancy listed above?  Are there any other suggestions you can think of?